Elephant in the garden

in the garden

Small Elephant Hawkmoth © Harry Mole 2018

Alfie spotted this beautiful Small Elephant Hawkmoth (Deilephila porcellus) on the back door this morning. There are 17 hawkmoths that can be found in UK – this one is about the most colourful – even more striking than the Elephant Hawkmoth although more localised. Also probably the smallest with a wingspan of about 50mm.

It wasn’t on a very pleasant background, but was drowsy enough for me to move it onto a cherry leaf and grab my camera.

Tangled web

in the garden

European Garden Spider © Harry Mole 2017

I think black & white macro is a bit weird, but I like it in this case because it really emphasises the silk. I saw this Araneus diadematus eating prey yesterday, but it’s web was destroyed in the rain last night. It was really amazing to watch it start from scratch…


in the garden

Lime Hawkmoth caterpillar © Harry Mole 2017

Just found a lime hawkmoth (Mimas tilae) caterpillar in the garden while picking apples. It was under the tree so I assume it fell out because there wasn’t really anywhere else it could have been, but it doesn’t belong on apple so I’m a bit worried about it…